WE MOVED! Our new office is located at 4665 South Boulevard, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is near Town Center. 



Virginia Pediatric Eye Center provides comprehensive care for children's vision, from routine eye exams to medical and surgical management of complex disorders.  We also offer treatment for adult eye movement disorders. 




About our doctors...

Our pediatric ophthalmology and pediatric optometry practice has been providing vision care in Hampton Roads for over 30 years. Our doctors have cared for thousands of patients and are faculty members of the Department of Ophthalmology at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  They see patients in three local offices and and provide ophthalmology services for infants in the neonatal intensive care units at CHKD and Sentara facilities. Our doctors also perform surgeries at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, Sentara facilities. and other regional locations.  

Ophthalmologists spend four years in medical school followed by four additional years of internship and residency to become experts in treating eye diseases and performing eye surgery. Pediatric ophthalmologists complete an additional fellowship year to sub-specialize in the management of eye movement disorders (strabismus), and visual rehabilitation for children and teenagers with impaired visual development (amblyopia).  Pediatric ophthalmologists treat a variety of medical conditions that affect visual function and development. They utilize glasses, contact lenses, prisms, orthoptic therapy, medications, and surgery to enhance and improve visual function.  Our offices have the latest visual acuity and photoreceptor testing for all ages, including EVA testing, ERG retinal measurement, and VER waveform and latency evaluation.

Optometrists spend four years in training in optometry school.  Our pediatric optometrist has completed additional training in pediatric eye diseases and is an investigator in the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG).  Our pediatric optometrist provides general pediatric eye care with diagnosis and treatment of a range of eye diseases, including eye movement disorders and amblyopia.  Our pediatric optometrist works closely with our pediatric ophthalmologists and is actively involved in NEI/NIH funded research opportunities through PEDIG.