Virginia Pediatric Eye Center provides complete pediatric vision care, as well as adult eye care for certain medical conditions. Patients are thoroughly evaluated by our pediatric and neuro-ophthalmology specialists  who are equipped to provide medical and surgical management for children's eye disorders. In addition to routine prescriptions for glasses and contacts, we treat pediatric glaucoma, cataracts, and other serious ocular diseases. Our ophthalmologists also specialize in surgical and non-surgical approaches for managing  adult eye movement disorders.

Did you know?

Regular visits to your ophthalmologist are as important as examinations by your family physician, pediatrician, or dentist, because some eye diseases do not cause symptoms for months or years. In children, a disabling loss of visual development can occur before any outward signs are evident, but problems can be detected early with appropriate screening.  Early treatment of poor vision and eye misalignment can often reestablish normal visual development for your child. 

About our doctors...

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (Eye M.D.'s) who spend four years in medical school followed by four additional years of internship and residency to become experts in treating eye diseases and performing eye surgery. Pediatric ophthalmologists complete an additional fellowship to sub-specialize in the management of eye movement disorders (strabismus), and visual rehabilitation for children and teenagers with poor visual development (amblyopia). Pediatric ophthalmologists are trained in visual and sensory development and have devoted additional training to study visual function. Pediatric ophthalmologists treat a variety of medical conditions that affect visual function and development. They utilize lenses, glasses, prisms, orthoptic therapy, and surgery to enhance and improve visual function.